Tuesday, February 3, 2009

True Love & Books

Shaman Drum Bookshop hosted its best event ever—a marriage proposal! We were approached by a customer named Scott who asked if he could propose to his girlfriend, Amy, at the store, as we are her favorite bookstore. He placed the ring on a bookmark inside Jeffrey Eugenides’s collection My Mistresses’s Sparrow is Dead. He then put the book on display and waited patiently while she browsed the entire store. Finally, she came to the kiosk with the book and he pointed it out to her. She picked it up and looked confused until she opened it. Of course, she said yes! The bookseller at the desk was applauding, the bride-to-be was so surprised and delighted, and the groom-to-be could only thank himself for planning such a romantic moment.


  1. Amy & Scott are a perfect match. Wish them much happiness! Love you both.